What to Know About Sciatica from Our Spring Grove, IL Chiropractor 

Sciatic nerve pain can interfere with daily life. Often causes symptoms like numbness, pain, and tingling. While traditional medicine covers up the pain, our Spring Grove chiropractor at Back In Motion Physical Therapy & Spine Center finds the actual pain and provides healing for your needs.


Definition of Sciatica  

Your sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body. It runs along your lower back and extends down your legs. When it becomes damaged or compressed, you can experience nerve-related symptoms in those areas. These symptoms are known as sciatica. Those who have sciatica may suffer from pain in their lower back, buttocks, or legs. Typically, only one leg is affected at a time. Other possible issues in the lower back, buttocks, or legs include numbness, burning, and tingling.

Causes of Sciatica

An injury anywhere along the sciatic nerve can cause sciatic nerve problems. For instance, you could have a bulging or herniated disc that compresses part of the nerve. If you have spinal stenosis, your narrow spine could place pressure on the sciatic nerve. A bone spur could place pressure on the nerve as well. Some pregnant women have sciatica during the first or third trimester of their pregnancy. 

Certain health conditions and lifestyle factors make you more susceptible to sciatica than others. For instance, as you age, you're more prone to herniated discs because of your vertebrae changing. Obesity places extra pressure on your spine, which can lead to changes that cause sciatica. People who have a job where they sit for prolonged periods of time or have to twist or carry heavy loads have a greater risk of experiencing sciatica. Those who live a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to have sciatica than an active person. Diabetics, in particular who don't have their condition under control, may experience nerve damage. 

Treatment of Sciatica 

In a majority of cases, sciatica is treatable without the use of surgery. Chiropractic care can help with both treatment and pain management. For instance, we may perform a spinal alignment. This treatment consists of our chiropractor realigning the spine, which alleviates pressure on the sciatic nerve. We may also perform spinal decompression, a technique comprised of you laying down on a table and a device stretching your spine. This reduces pressure on the vertebrae and encourages healing for many forms of sciatica. 

Although massage therapy doesn't treat sciatica, it can help decrease your pain and relax your muscles to promote healing. We might use exercise therapy as well. 

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